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Miley Cyrus Drugs & Clubbing UPDATE

Miley Cyrus Drugs & Clubbing UPDATE

According to TMZ, Anna Oliver took Miley’s salvia bong hit video and Miley fans sent her death threats so she deleted her Twitter. The dude Miley thought was her boyfriend during her hallucinogenic trip was ‘Friday Night Lights’ actor Grey Damon, who plays newcomer Hastings Ruckle.

But, all he did was walk in the room, heard Miley yell, turned around and walked out. He had never met Miley before. Miley went out clubbing with So Undercover costar Kelly Osbourne in New Orleans. A source told People: ‘It was a good, old-fashioned girl’s night.’ Alexis Knapp and two other women, arrived at the

New Orleans club Republic at 1:30 AM on Saturday: ‘They were just dancing and hanging out. Miley was drinking Red Bulls. When Lady Gaga came on [Miley] went nuts dancing. [the group] was really nice and great to the staff. They kept saying how they want to come back. They were really polite.. and saying they had such a wonderful time.’

Aerosmith frontman and recovering drug user Steven Tyler has reached out to Miley Cyrus urging her to call him if she needs some advice: ‘I don’t know what that is, I never heard of it. If Miley is smoking that, tell her to call me.’


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