Justin Bieber is the MOST Influential person on Twitter 2010, reports Forbes.  Justin was trailed by:  2. paulocoelho  3. joejonas  4. kanyewest  5. DalaiLama  6. nickjonas  7. ladygaga  8. ConanOBrien  9. iamdiddy  10. yelyahwilliams

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Leaked Demi Lovato Pictures.

I Reckon this is photo shopped !

New LEAKED picture of Demi Lovato and FRIENDS Posing Pretty! Thanks AnythingDisney + @stephaniemazza!

What do you think ?

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Selena Gomez, ‘We Didn’t Hang Out With Guys’

Selena Gomez told LATINA about filming in Monte Carlo: ‘Leighton and Katie [Cassidy] and me spent every scene together. We’d have dinner together and we would talk and we’d go out and it was always us three girls. There were romantic aspects for each of our characters and we had a lot of guys that were on the set, and at our hotel, but we never hung out with them. [Laughs]. We just hung out with each other.’

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Kevin Jonas: Joe Didn’t Split with Taylor Via Text!

Kevin Jonas wants to set the record straight about Joe’s infamous break-up with Taylor Swift.

“No, that is not true,” the 23-year-old said on MTV’s The Seven when asked about reports his younger brother called it quits with the country star via text.

“People have all their speculations, and she seems to talk about it in all her songs, so it’s fine,” he said.

Kevin, who was on the show to chat about the X the TXT campaign, added that breaking up with a text is “probably not the best thing.”

“But if that’s how the relationship started, I guess it’s alright for it to end that way,” Kevin said with a laugh.


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Demi Lovato #49 Most Beautiful FACE

Demi Lovato #49 Most Beautiful FACE

Demi Lovato was ranked #49 in The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces. This list is only about beautiful celebrity faces. & unlike the Maxim, FHM & People lists, it is not based on ‘sexiest’, ‘hottest’ or ‘best body’.

Demi Lovato: The beautiful young star who can sing the national anthem better than anyone else in the world. She is a superb personality & one of the freshest faces in the entertainment world. She will be a megastar in the coming years!


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Ashley Tisdale PREGNANT?

Ashley Tisdale PREGNANT?

German Magazine hey! claims Ashley Tisdale may be pregnant. What do you think ?

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Zac Efron ‘Seemed Fine’ After His Breakup

Zac Efron 'Seemed Fine' After His Breakup

Picture via @Karimar Brown watching the Saints game in New Orleans. Karimar tweeted that Zac ‘seemed fine.. Wouldn’t have guessed anything was wrong.. But he is an actor.’ However, friends hope they will get back together‘They realize that they both can trust each other, and there will be a bond between them..

..forever. Career demands, distance and wanting to enjoy being single are the main reasons for the break-up. I’d be shocked if they don’t get back together someday. They have hung out with each other as recently as two weeks ago and will continue to hang out, since they are best friends. They are still talking and still friends. There’s no drama. No one cheated. They just grew up.’

Zac is happy they didn’t live together: ‘When we’re filming we spend a lot of time apart, but that’s what keeps it fresh you know? Also, when you’re working you need to be really focused. I like to be focused so that time away is important. Then when you come back it’s better than ever.’


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